Thursday, 21 February 2013

Three residents of Moscow poisoned mushrooms, hallucinogens

In the east of Moscow in the dorm, three men were poisoned by hallucinogenic mushrooms. One of them died. , Said a source in the medical community of the capital.

The men were found yesterday evening unconscious in a dorm lobby to Zvirynetsky Street, Building 6, the " Vesti.Ru . " Residents called an ambulance, but was pronounced dead came one of the victims - 31-year-old man. His friends 26 and 27 years old were hospitalized.
According to preliminary data, all three have deliberately used magic mushrooms to get the drug euphoria. Perhaps death was caused by an overdose.
" Polit.Ru, "explains that in the suburbs grow only one kind of magic mushrooms - psilotsibe. By themselves, they do not contain toxic substances, but can absorb the harmful substances from the environment, as well as other fungi. In addition, they are easy to confuse with dung flickering. Psilotsibov harvest season falls exactly in October and November.
According to " Wikipedia ", some psilotsibe contain alkaloids psilocybin and psilocin, which have psychoactive properties and cause an altered state of consciousness.