Sunday, 18 November 2012

Amanita muscaria

Welcome to the friendly world of Amanita muscaria, A very special fungi sometimes referred to as "Soma." Soma is said by some scholars to be a mushroom known amongst the ancient Aryans. It's virtues are honored and preserved forever in the pages of Tombs of the Vedic Scriptures (Rig Veda). On the following pages we have devoted our time in presenting a pictorial of photographs of Amanita muscaria and similar related species and their variations which contain the chemical compounds of ibotenic acid and muscimol, the active ingredients known to occur in these mushrooms. Also included are several Graphic Art designed images created by John W. Allen which represent the magnificence of these visionary mushroom as exotic ethereal trans-dimensional otherworldly states of existence and a chronology of references on the known published books and articles devoted to preserving for the public eye, the a pathway to the knowledge and history behind the study of this famed 'mushroom of immortality.'