Monday, 19 November 2012

Psilocybe Hispanica

The Psilocybe Hispanica is a new species discoverd by Ignacio Seral in 98' growing high in the hills of spain. It tends to grow in colder temps, and has even been seen growing in snow. This mushroom was fround growing on horse dung, next to patches of p. semilanceata's. The discoverer of the P. Hispanica contacted P. Stamets last October, unfortuanatly Stamets schedule was to full and a European mycologist named Giorgio Samorini from Italy flew to spain and did some research to find this was a whole new mushroom and classified it as the P. Hispanica. Rumor also has it this mushroom will be featured in Paul Stamets next book Psilocybe Mushrooms of the World, Part 2 (cant wait for that one, I'm sure it will be another excellent book by Paul). We do have spore prints of this species currently, and may have some syringes soon. Its potency is said to be a very nice clean high, more potent then cubensis, but less potent then azures, more closely to that of panaeolus species. Some more detailed information from Ignacio on this mushrooms growing conditions. The hispanica appears in horse dung about the 1 of october and finish about the 1 of november.... at 1700- 2000 metres high.... the latitude of spain makes the altitude date more relevant... keep in mind that in those mountains water become ice at night and the hispanicas resist freezing temps very well so there is a very cold temps at night about +5 to -5 at night and +5 to 20 at the daytime always celsius degrees....