Sunday, 18 November 2012

Psilocybe atlantis

Cap: 26-38 mm diameter in dried specimens, conic to convex, smooth to slightly striate, dry and pale brown. Gills: subadnate, thin, brownish, finely mooted and the edges are concolorus. Stem: 40-45 x 2-4 mm (in dry specimens), equal, subbulbous, and brownish red to grayish-brown, covered with dfine small brownish scales towards the base of the stipe. Bluing is evident Spores: (8-)9-10 (-11) x (5.5) 6-6) microns. Yellowish-brown with a braod germ pore Sporeprint: Chocolate to purple-brown. Habitat: Gregarious on soil. Distribution: Known only from the type locality in Fulton County, North of Atlanta, Georgia. Season: August. Dosage: Unknown Comment: This species belongs to the section Mexicana and is the second species found in Georgia. The name atlantis is for the type locality