Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Cap

Size and Shape: What are it’s dimensions (width & depth)? Is it flat, round, domed? etc. The following illustration is featuring cap morphology (great name eh?). It will give you an idea of all the different cap shapes out there. Note: Sometimes one or more features are present on the same mushroom – ie. some funnel mushrooms have a slight bump (umbo) in the centre.
Colour(s): What colour or colours does it show? Does it also change colour when bruised or handled. Cut into the cap to see the flesh. Does it change colour when exposed to the air? Texture/Markings: Is it smooth, sticky (especially noticeable in wet or moist weather), shaggy, scaly, velvety? etc. Consistency: Is it hard, firm, fleshy, soft, spongy, fibrous, delicate, tough, crumbly? etc. Odour: What smells can you detect, if any? Typical Mushroomy smell, of meal, chemical like, fruity? etc. The Margin (the edge of the cap) What features does the margin have (if any) ie. wavy, split, inrolled (curving inwards), turned up, striated (striped, grooved or ridged)? etc… Has remnants of the partial veil been left?